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Paddy Power Bingo

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Paddy Power Bingo is so much more than just a bingo site. If you’re looking for a bingo site which is quite literally an explosion of fun then this could be the place to be. With a huge range of bingo, games, promotions, specials, chat and a whole lot more, players are certainly not going to be bored here.

Huge Range of Games

Our first impression of Paddy Power Bingo was a good one with its well laid out site and easy on the eye graphics. Perhaps one of the most useful features here is the menu of the lefthand side. It provides an easy to use navigation tool that will have you confidently adventuring around the site in no time.

75, 80 and 90 Ball Bingo

The bingo on offer is 75, 80 and 90 ball so there is certainly a bingo game for all occasions. There are frequent one penny games and lots of free games to play making this a good place to play if you’re on a budget.

There is a wonderful array of different games to play if you fancy a break from the bingo. From the lottery to casino and good old slots, there really is an enormous range to choose from.

Is Paddy Power Bingo Good?

It certainly has a big range of games and gives a warm welcome bonus. Give it a go!

Play Paddy Power Bingo now!